Sunday, September 6, 2009


The Act-Ups were born in 2001 - A monster made up of one volt of Iggy,

one hambone of Pickett,one shot of Hank, two injections of Jeffrey Lee and a case of bourbon. Their first record "I Bet You Love Us Too", released in 2003, was the perfect record for your late night garage party, filled with soul-punk anthems and rockin' rave-ups. "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell", their second disc, saw the light of the day (and hid in the cloak of night) in 2005, fired up by more whiskey than ever before and the demons that came with it.

The record you now hold in your hands rests atop three pillars of puré fury: the two records that preceded it and the live energy this combo unleash upon unsuspecting pilgrims all across this land. Behold the Old Psychedelic Sounds of Today!

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